2020 – 2029

Masters Installation Cards from 2020 to 2029

2020 Master: Giles D Stockton ACII ALCM

The 450th anniversary of the opening of the Royal Exchange 1571.

These cards commemorate the 450th anniversary of the opening of the Royal Exchange building in London by Queen Elizabeth I on the 23rd January 1571. The building was established by Sir Thomas Gresham (known as the father of English banking) as London’s first purpose-built centre for trading stocks. The image on the backs of the cards is of the current Royal Exchange building which stands opposite the Bank of England. London has been at the forefront of trading since the middle ages and continues to thrive today. This pack of cards celebrates the buildings and their designers who made the City of London what it is today.

The Kings show historic buildings in the city built in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and still surviving today. The Queens depict new buildings built in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s with a ground- breaking style suitable for trading activities. The Jacks show images of the architects behind these buildings both new and historical. The Jokers depict the design of the gates of the current Royal Exchange paying homage to Thomas Gresham with the letters TG (Thomas Gresham).
(A) Red background.   (B) Black background.

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2021 Master: Paul J Bostock DPhil

Celebrating 100 years of the BBC

This year’s Installation cards commemorate the foundation of the BBC in 1922.

The double box contains a 20 page booklet and two different sets of cards. The first set features personalities relating to information and education – Children’s programmes, Science, Radio and News. Familiar presenters are shown on all of the court cards, for example John Noakes from Blue Peter as the Jack of Hearts and Sir David Attenborough as the King of Spades. The second set features Entertainment, Drama, Sport, Family Programmes and Comedy.

We are delighted with Stacey Kelly’s lively portraits of BBC personalities. In addition, we have given this set of cards some special features. There are some asymmetric court cards (those with different portraits at each end, like French and Saunders), and gentle modification of a few pip cards in set 2. As well as the Morecambe and Wise Jokers, the extras include basic magician’s gaff cards (the ones with two backs and the back design with the Master’s portrait).