Masters Installation Cards from 1960 to 1979

1960 Master: Arthur G Norman DFC

The King and Queen of Thailand: at Guildhall, July 20th.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.


1961 Master: James R Beard CBE

The Wedding of Their Royal Highnesses: The Duke and Duchess of Kent, 8th June, at York Minster.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.

Three twin packs of cards were presented to the Duke and Duchess of Kent,
and at a later date to Sir William Worsley, the Duke’s father-in-law.

1962 Master: Norman B Maurice JP

The Consecration of Coventry Cathedral: 25th May. 2000 packs issued.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.

1963 Master: Horace H Watson OBE

The Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Kent and Mr. Angus Ogilvy:
April 24th, in Westminster Abbey. 2000 packs issued.
(A) Red border. (B) Blue border.
Three twin packs were presented to H.R.H. Princess Alexandra.

1964 Master: Col. C W Clark OBE

Shakespeare Quatercentenary 1564-1964: showing a play being enacted at the Globe Theatre.
2000 packs, with explanatory card on the Globe Theatre, issued.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.

In July 1987 a double pack of the 1964 Shakespeare was presented to H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh after the ground breaking ceremony for the new Globe Theatre at Bankside, Southwark in London at which the Company showed examples of their cards in an exhibition on the site.


1965 Master: Victor H Watson

Magna Carta, MCCXV-MCMLXV: Commemorating the signing of the Charter at Runnymede. 2000 packs issued.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Blue border.


1966 Master: Claxton Prudhoe

900th Anniversary Service: at Westminster Abbey.
(A) Golden border. (B) Silver border.

1967 Master: E G Walpole-Brown

Sir Francis Chicester: Solo Circumnavigation of the World, 27 August 1966 - 28 May 1967 in his yacht Gipsy Moth.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.
Six twin packs were presented to Sir Francis Chichester.

1968 Master: Michael J Amberg

XIX Olympiad, Mexico: Inset pictures showing ten of the sports included in the Olympic Games.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Blue border.
In 1968 John Waddington Limited took over from De La Rue & Co. but both imprints
are to be found on the Presentation Packs.

1969 Master: A L Morrish

Investiture of H.R.H. Prince Charles of Wales: 1 July, at Caernarvon Castle.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Dark blue border.

Three twin packs of cards were presented to H.R.H. Prince of Wales and to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

1970 Master: Brian A Maurice FRCS

Commemorating the Sailing of the Mayflower in 1620: when the Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth and crossed the Atlantic to found a Puritan Settlement in America.
(A) Mauve border. (B) Pale blue border.

1971 Master: Col. John Reading MBE

Apollo 15: First Moon Ride. Two American astronauts driving a moon buggy.
(A) Red border. (B) Blue border.

1972 Master: Peter B Stephens FCA

Concorde and the European Common Market 1972-73: An oval picture of the Concorde supersonic airliner flying above a map of Europe.
(A) Red border.    (B) Grey border.

1973 Master: Kenneth H M Crabbe

The Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips: 14 November. 2000 packs issued in plastic cases suitably inscribed.
(A) H.R.H. The Princess Anne show-jumping. Design with gold border and details.
(B) Captain Mark Phillips, The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, showjumping. Design with silver border and details.

A case of cards was presented to H.R.H. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.


1974 Master: J H S Green FCA

The First North Sea Oil Production Platform: built in Britain for the British Petroleum Co. Limited.
(A) Red border. (B) Violet border.

1975 Master: Wm E Tucker CVO MBE

American Independence Bicentenary: 1776-1976. Depicting the figures in uniform of a Continental and a British Infantryman,
with the appropriate flags, standing in front of the Liberty Tree. Limited edition of 1250 packs (with explanatory leaflet).
(A) Red border. (B) Royal blue border.


1976 Master: David Hill

William Caxton, 1476: England’s First Printer. Commemorating the Quincentenary of the Establishment of Caxton’s press in Westminster.
Limited edition of 1350 packs.
(A) Pink background. (B) Blue background.

A pack of cards was offered and graciously accepted by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

1977 Master: Ronald BC Ryall

Silver Jubilee 1952-1977: The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Accession of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. 1200 packs issued in plastic cases suitably with silver decoration.
(A) Red border. (B) Blue border.

1978 Master: Thos. S Corrigan CA

The 350th Anniversary of the Granting of the Charter by King Charles I: and the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
Design showing panoramic views of London top and bottom with appropriate circular inset portraits of Charles I and Elizabeth II.
Limited edition of 1200 packs (with explanatory leaflet).
(A) Silver background. (B) Gold background.

The design for 1978 was chosen from a competition organized jointly by John Waddington Limited, the Inveresk Group and the Worshipful Company.
350 entries were received and the first prize was awarded to Mr. K. Lavender.

1979 Master: John K Black FCA

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher at the door of No. 10 Downing Street: London. To commemorate the election of the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain.
1200 packs issued.
(A) Blue border. (B) Red border.

A double pack was sent to Mrs. Margaret Thatcher.