Masters Installation Cards from 1920 to 1939

1920 Master: Ernest E Bird

The Prince of Wales’ Visit to the Colonies: Portrait encircled by gold leaves and four oval views of Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Design initialed.
(A) White border with blue background. (B) White border with red background.
A double pack was sent to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.


1921 Master: F A B Lord CC

The League of Nations: Design by Wall Cousins. Specimen card inscribed:
The Spirit of World Comradeship for which stands the League of Nations, is on these cards, symbolised by a beautiful woman opening wide to the various nations the golden gate of happiness and prosperity. The picture also suggests that all governments will eventually welcome this opportunity for furthering the betterment of mankind.
(A) Green border. (B) Red border.
In 1921 De La Rue & Co. took over Goodall & Son but the imprint was continued until a later date on the presentation packs.

1922 Master: William Hunt JP

Ireland: Commemorating the establishment of the Irish Free State by treaty with England in December 1921.
In the centre of the Celtic design is the National Emblem of Ireland with the words Ireland for ever.
The border shows historical landscapes together with the Arms of the four Provinces, the centre being filled by the Imperial Crown – emblem of supreme sovereignty. Design by Edward Cunningham of Goodall & Son. 1250 packs issued.
(A) White border. (B) Red border.
Double packs were sent to His Grace the Duke of Abercorn, who was Governor of Northern Ireland, and to Mr. T.M. Healey, Governor of the Irish Free State.

1923 Master: Robert Colsell

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Foundation Celebration: “Bart’s” Octocentenary, 1123- 923. Founder Rahere.
Design by Edward Cunningham of the firm of Goodall & Son and De La Rue & Co. 1250 packs were issued, but at the request of Bart’s Hospital for 50 packs,
a further 150 had to be printed and issued at a later date.
(A) White border. (B) Purple border.

1924 Master: Capt. J A Edgell OBE

British Empire Exhibition: Opened at Wembley in April. Designed and made by De La Rue & Co. 1500 packs issued.
(A) White border. (B) Red border.


1925 Master: James Edgell

Railway Centenary 1825-1925: Celebrations were held at Darlington in July. Design by Goodall & Son showing Stephenson’s ‘Locomotion I’ built for
the Stockton and Darlington Railway and a modern L.N.E.R. Locomotive. 1500 packs issued.
(A) White border. (B) Light green border.

Packs were sent to:
(1) The Secretary of the Locomotive, Railway and Carriage Review to add to their souvenirs.
(2) The Secretary of the Railway Information Bureau for forwarding to the Library of the Bureau of Railway Economics at Washington, U.S.A.
(3) Patent Office, Lincoln’s Inn for their Museum.


1926 Master: John J Meagher

Aviation: Aircraft encircling the World, with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the foreground, to commemorate the record flight to Australia and back by Sir Alan Cobham.
Design by Goodall & Son. 2000 packs issued.
(A) Red border. (B) Olive green border.
A double pack of cards was sent to Sir Alan Cobham.

1927 Master: Sir William Noble

Trade within the Empire: With the inscription Britons, hold your own! Tennyson.
Design showing varieties of fruit produced throughout the Empire. Design by Goodall & Son.
(A) Pink border. (B) Light green border.

1928 Master: James Ferguson

Special Pack: in commemoration of the Tercentary of the Granting of the Company’s Charter by King Charles I.
Design incorporating coins of Charles I and George V, the words 1628 John Hopkyns, Master, and 1928 Sir William Noble, Master, together with the name of the Company. Ace of Spades bears four suitmarks superposed and Goodall & Son.
(A) Design in black on a mauve background.
(B) Design in black on a pink background.
Each pack in single white box suitably inscribed in gold and presented at the banquet held in celebration on the actual Tercentenary date, 22 October.

Tercentenary of the Granting of the Charter: 1628-1928. Portrait of King Charles I
(after the painting by Van Dyke). Design by Goodall & Son. 4000 packs issued.
(A) White border. (B) Chocolate-brown border.

1929 Master: Sidney S L Lambert

Our King Restored to us: Portrait of King George V. In general relief and thankfulness for his recovery from illness. 4000 packs issued.
(A) Red border. (B) Dark blue border.
A special case containing one dozen packs of cards of this design was made by Messrs. Asprey for presentation to King George V.

1930 Master: William S Cutler

Imperial Conference of Dominion Prime Ministers: Held in London in November.
(A) Red border. (B) Dark blue border.
A double pack of cards was sent to all Delegates of the Imperial Conference together with a print of the speech of the Master at the Installation Banquet.

1931 Master: Walter H Moresby CBE

Gold Coin bearing the Head of King George V: Union Jack and emblems of the United Kingdom in the background.
(A) Bright red border. (B) Pale blue border.

1932 Master: George D Perks

Ottawa 1932: Imperial Economic Conference opened in the Parliament Buildings in July in Canada to draw closer the links of empire trade.
(A) Pale green border. (B) Blue border.

1933 Master: Hubert T Marsh

Flight over Everest: by 2 aeroplanes of the Houston Everest Expedition on 3 April and was repeated again on 19 April.
(A) Blue and silver border. (B) Red and gold border.


1934 Master: Ernest Bates

Waterloo Bridge 1817-1934: Demolition of the old bridge began in June in preparation for the erection of an entirely new structure. At night or by day.
(A) Blue and silver border. At night.
(B) Red and gold border. By day.

1935 Master: Max J Railing

Jubilee 1910-1935: The Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Accession of King George V.
(A) Reception at Temple Bar. Red and Silver border.
(B) Reception at St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Thanksgiving Service. Blue and Silver border.


1936 Master: Frank S Gaylor

Proclamation in the City of London: Of the Accession of King Edward VIII.
(A) Blue and silver border. (B) Maroon and gold border.

1937 Master: J Elliott Mark LCC

His Majesty King George VI: Leaving Westminster Abbey after his Coronation, 12 May 1937.
(A) Dark blue border. (B) Red border.

1938 Master: Richard E Robinson

Their Majesties’: Visit to France. King George VI laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.
(A) Maroon border. (B) Turquoise border.

1939 Master: Richard E Robinson

Arms of the Company: Supported by men in armour. Inscribed The Third of September 1939, Declaration of War, and the name of the Company.
(A) Design in gold on maroon background.
(B) Design in gold on dark blue background.